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Technology to enhance gold recovery for double refractory ore

  • How to Improve the Refractory Gold Leaching Process? - Xinhai

    The gold leaching rate of most refractory gold ores is about 10% ~ 20% when they are directly stirred by sodium cyanide. Generally, the gold leaching rate of refractory gold ore can be greatly improved by pretreating the raw materials, including oxidative roasting, hot-pressure oxidation, biological oxidation.

  • recovery of gold from gold ore

    Gold Recovery 101 From Sepro's Gold Recovery Experts. Gold ore is considered free-milling when over 90% of the gold can be recovered by a conventional gravity-cyanidation process with low reagent consumptions at a grind size of 80% passing 75 & 181;m. Some examples of free-milling gold ores include quartz-veined deposits and oxidized ores. Get

  • Gold Leaching from Refractory OresLiterature Survey

    Apr 27, 2007· This review is essentially an overview of the pretreatment processes for the refractory gold ores available in the recent literature. When gold is finely disseminated in sulphides, arsenosulphides, tellurides, carbonaceous and clayey materials direct alkaline cyanidation is not effective for gold extraction.

  • Recovery of gold from sulfide refractory gold ore

    Apr 01, 2021· Typically, gold is encapsulated or finely disseminated in refractory gold ores and the direct cyanidation is not effective for gold extraction from these ores, even after the ore is ground to exceeding small particles (Nazari, 2017, Corrans and Angove, 1991).Especially for sulfide refractory gold ores, in order to recover gold, many oxidation pretreatment technologies were proposed

  • Biooxidation of Carbonaceous Refractory Gold Ores by an

    The ability of an iron-sulfur-oxidizing mixotrophic bacterium to treat two types of sulfide-rich carbonaceous refractory gold concentrates from Sulawesi and Sumatra in Indonesia was studied in comparison with an acidophilic chemolithotrophic bacterium Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans. Over the course of the biooxidation experiments, the pH of the solution tended to rise (pH>5) due to the high

  • Application Note Refractory Gold Pretreatment - pH

    products can improve accuracy and reduce downtime. Roasting Roasting of refractory ore has historically been the method to remove sulfur up until the 1980s. The roasting process oxidizes the sulfur by converting it to gaseous sulfur dioxide (SO 2). Ore is ground to 100 - 200μm mesh and heated between 450ºC - 700ºC in a fl uidized bed.

  • Kell Process - Kell Technology

    Kell Technology. The Kell Process has been developed for extraction of platinum group metals (PGM), gold, silver and base metals from PGM sulfide flotation concentrates without smelting. The hydrometallurgical process has been successfully demonstrated on several different PGM and polymetallic concentrates, including those from the UG2, Merensky and Platreef in South Africa, Great

  • Gold Recovery And How To Choose The Right Process

    The most cost-effective gold recovery solution for placer deposits is using a gravity concentration circuit. First, the material is screened to remove large rocks and

  • IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science

    Multi-Criteria selection of technology for processing ore raw materials E A Gorbatova, E A Emelianenko and M V Zaretckii-Coal-oil gold agglomeration assisted flotation to recover gold from refractory ore A. Otsuki and C. Yue-Beneficiation and leaching study of a muti-Au carrier and low grade refractory gold ore W J Li, Y S Song, Y Chen et al.-

  • Gold processing 101 - Mining Magazine

    An ore containing 1% sulphur will produce a mass pull of approximately 5% by weight to a bulk flotation concentrate where recovery is the key driver. If this ore also contains 1g/t Au (for GSR =1), and 90% recovery to concentrate is achieved, then 0.90g will be recovered and with a concentration ratio of 20 (5% to concentrate) this corresponds

  • Recovery Refractory Resources - SGS

    The pre-treatment of refractory gold ore should increase the gold recovery rate in the cyanide leach process by 30-40% in order to be economical Large operations tend to choose roasting or pressure oxidation, while smaller operations tend to select bacterial leaching, says Dr Fleming.

  • Barrick Gold Corporation - Processing Innovation Nets

    Oct 06, 2016· The success of the thiosulfate project will allow Goldstrike to process four million ounces of double-refractory ore that would otherwise have been processed at the end of the mine's lifecycle many years from now.


    METHOD TO IMPROVE RECOVERY OF GOLD FROM DOUBLE REFRACTORY GOLD ORES . United States Patent Application 20090071295 . Kind Code: A1 . Abstract: The present invention is directed to a precious metal recovery process in which carbonaceous material, such as preg robbing carbon, is floated after sulfide oxidation to separate the carbonaceous

  • Atmospheric alkaline pre-oxidation of refractory sulphide

    Four iron-sulphide-containing gold ores from the White Mountain mine in the Jilin Province, China were studied to examine the benefits of using oxidative treatment prior to conventional cyanidation to leach gold. This pre-treatment consisted of bubbling air into an ore/water mixture for eight hours while adding enough caustic sodium hydroxide to maintain a pH of 11 throughout the test. Three

  • recovery gold treatment

    Recovery Refractory Resources SGS. refractory resources Refractory gold ore needs pre-treatment for cyanidation to be effective in gold recovery. the gold recovery rate. The pre-treatment of Inquire Now; Gold Recovery Activated Carbon

  • Use of Ozone for Gold Extraction from a Highly Refractory

    Ozonization in acidic media of an arsenopyritic-pyritic highly refractory gold concentrate (110 g Au/t) as a treatment prior to cyanidation was evaluated. While the conventional cyanidation of this

  • ALTA MetBytes - What's Happening in Gold Ore Processing

    double refractory ore has been achieved at Nordgolds Suzdal mine in Kazakhstan which treats double refractory ore with both visible and invisible gold hosted in sulphide associations of pyrite and arsenopyrite and also , carbonaceous black shale. Following extensive laboratory and demonstration scale testing of the Outotec HiTeCC technology

  • Method to improve recovery of gold from double refractory

    Method to improve recovery of gold from double refractory gold ores Sep 11, 2008 - Barrick Gold Corporation The present invention is directed to a precious metal recovery process in which carbonaceous material, such as preg robbing carbon, is floated after sulfide oxidation to separate the carbonaceous material from the precious metal.

  • Gold Ore Roasting Techniques

    Recover Gold by Roasting Pyrite Ore The roasting of straight pyritic ores involves the conversion of the iron sulphides to the oxide under oxidizing conditions with the evolution of sulphur dioxide and, to some extent by catalytic action, sulphur trioxide gas also.

  • Carbon and Resin Technologies for Gold Recovery SGS

    Carbon and Resin Technologies for Gold Recovery Cyanide leaching has been the industry standard method for recovering gold from ore for decades, and SGS continues to remain at the forefront of this very successful gold recovery technology.

  • Refractory Gold Ore Treatment Methods

    Jan 11, 2018· The Albion Process, now marketed by Glencore Technology, has successfully increased gold and silver recovery from around 30% using conventional CIP to >80%. The process includes an M5000 IsaMill (grinding to P80 < 10-12 um) and five 600-m

  • refractory gold Archives - International Mining

    Pressure oxidation was selected as the most feasible processing technology for double refractory ores. It is able to achieve gold recoveries of 96% by utilising high temperatures, elevated pressure and oxygen to recover encapsulated gold, while conventional cyanidation methods would result in

  • Gold Processing Technology Workshop - Perth Amira

    Mar 19, 2021· Gold Processing Technology Workshop Perth 19 March, 2021 by amira20 This is a 2-day course will provide attendees with an understanding of the fundamentals and practical applications involved in gold processing with a particular emphasis on plant optimisation.

  • Improving recovery at the Syama Gold Mine - AusIMM

    Description. Resolute Mining Limited owns and operates the Syama Gold Mine located in southern Mali, West Africa. The sulfide processing facility consists of conventional crushing, grinding and flotation circuits for a double refractory ore to produce a pyrite and gold

  • Refractory gold ores: Challenges and opportunities for a

    Mar 23, 2021· Gold miners are facing a reserves crisis, and what is left in the ground is becoming more and more challenging to process.Refractory gold reserves, which require more sophisticated treatment methods in order to achieve oxide-ore recovery rates, correspond to 24 percent of current gold reserves and 22 percent of gold resources worldwide (Exhibit 1).

  • Pressure oxidation - Wikipedia

    Pressure Oxidation is a process for extracting gold from refractory ore.. The most common refractory ores are pyrite and arsenopyrite, which are sulfide ores that trap the gold within them.Refractory ores require pre-treatment before the gold can be adequately extracted. The pressure oxidation process is used to prepare such ores for conventional gold extraction processes such as cyanidation.

  • Biooxidationthiosulfate leaching of refractory gold

    Jul 21, 2019· Therefore, to extract gold more easily, the sulfide lattice must be oxidized and decomposed. Pretreatment of refractory gold ores via methods such as roasting, chemical oxidation, pressure oxidation, ultrafine grinding, and biological oxidation can be used to expose the encapsulated gold and cause an increase in the gold recovery rate [11 15].

  • FL to move into ROL copper demonstration mode in

    In addition to copper, the company has tested ROL with refractory gold and it has proven possible to apply the technology in the laboratory to significantly improve gold recovery, it said. We are currently working with several gold producers in research and development of this process, with the goal of potentially moving on to pilot scale

  • Biotechnology for the extractive metals industries

    Biotechnology is an alternative process for the extraction of metals, the beneficiation of ores, and the recovery of metals from aqueous systems. Currently, microbial-based processes are used for leaching copper and uranium, enhancing the recovery of gold from refractory ores, and treating industrial wastewater to recover metal values. Future developments, emanating from fundamental and


    investigated in an attempt to enhance gold recovery from the refractory sulfide gold ores. An oxidative pretreatment of the ore is essential to oxidize the sulfides and expose gold. The conventional methods of extraction of refractory sulfide gold ores usually follow roasting-leaching and electrowinning steps.

  • Double-Refractory Carbonaceous Sulfidic Gold Ores

    Jan 01, 2016· Pressure oxidation is one of the main methods used in the industry to improve gold recovery from sulfidic ores. During the autoclaving process, iron sulfides present in the ore are oxidized to ferric sulfate or other oxidized solid compounds such as hematite, thus liberating the gold particles and making them available for leaching.

  • Barrick Gold: Pueblo Viejo Mine Bus Ex

    The technology was specially modified to address the unique geology of Pueblo Viejo which contains a double refractory gold ore, associated with two difficult mineralogical issues. The first was the presence of sulfides, in the form of pyrite and minor base metals such as silver, copper and zinc, which prevented the traditional cyanidation

  • US8262768B2 - Method to improve recovery of gold from

    US8262768B2 - Method to improve recovery of gold from double refractory gold ores - Google Patents Method to improve recovery of gold from double refractory gold ores Download PDF Info Publication number US8262768B2. US8262768B2

  • Treatment of Refractory Gold Ores SpringerLink

    Pooley, F. D. 1987. Use of bacteria to enhance recovery of gold from refractory ores. In Minprep 1987: Internat. Symposium on Innovative Plant and Processes for Minerals Engineering, March 31-April 2. Doncaster, UK: IMM, 2229. Google Scholar

  • Microbial oxidation of gold ores and gold bioleaching

    Biological pre-oxidation to enhance gold and silver recovery from refractory pyritic ores and concentrates. Bacterial oxidation technology a viable process for refractory gold ores and base metal recovery. Canada Centre for Mineral and Energy Technology, Ottawa CanMet SP.


    Complete Specification for the invention entitled: "RECOVERY OF GOLD FROM AURIFEROUS REFRACTORY IRON-CONTAINING SULPHIDIC ORE" The following statement is a full description of this invention, including the best method of performing it known to me:-- SNote: The description is to be typed in double spacing, pica type face, in an area not

  • Technology to enhance gold recovery for double refractory

    A new technology to improve gold recovery in the processing of double refractory ores, which often resulted in native carbon competing with activated carbon and limiting gold recovery commonly

  • Technology to enhance gold recovery for double refractory

    GUIYANG CITY (miningweekly) A new technology to improve gold recovery in the processing of double refractory ores, which often resulted in native carbon competing with activated carbon and

  • Gold's new golden moment - FL

    Initially, the target is refractory gold-bearing iron sulphides where currently pre-treatment is the only solution to recover sulphide mineral matrix, locked inside the gold. To this end, FL has developed Rapid Oxidative Leach (ROL), a mechano-chemical pre-treatment process for refractory gold ores.

  • US4923510A - Treatment of refractory carbonaceous sulfide

    Refractory carbonaceous sulfide ores are treated in a manner so as to improve gold recovery by a treatment in specific combination of steps whereby the ore is treated with chlorine after pretreatment and before cyanidation; the particular steps in the treatment of the ore have been found to be necessary as the conventional pretreatment will not improve the yields on any economic basis.

  • (PDF) Cyanidation of Refractory Gold Ores: A Review

    Refractory gold ores are those that do not yield high gold recoveries in conventional cyanide leaching circuits, even when the ore is finely ground. an attempt to enhance gold recovery from

  • Gold extraction - Wikipedia

    Amalgamation with mercury was used to enhance recovery, often by adding it directly to the riffle tables, and mercury is still widely used in small diggings across the world. However, froth flotation processes may also be used to concentrate the gold.

  • Gold Two Stage Roasting - Outotec

    Operation Our two-stage roasting plants are mainly used for treating double-refractory gold concentrates. A two-stage roasting process combines partial roasting in the first stage with dead roasting in

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